Wednesday, May 28, 2008

DOXA - Production Day 2

The 6 filmmakers are spending 6 intensive days making short films made of videos, drawings and photos. Not only do they have to write, direct, shoot and star in their own films, they also are learning how to edit, polish and put sound and music to their movies. Bella Coola participants are building on tech skills they have already learned and the Sechelt participants are learning from scratch!
It’s amazing what you an accomplish in less than a week!

With the Our World influence the filmmakers are also encouraged to incorporate language into each piece.

Clearly the workshop is intense, not only do the participants spend all day making films, they also get to check out the documentaries screening at the festival in the evening. 

Famous actor Tantoo Cardinal came to visit the young filmmakers!

Ernestdeen learns the PD150 that she will use for her special effects video

Jack gets hands on knowing he will use live action in his piece

Director Lisa Jackson is happy to be a mentor!

Manuela from Sechelt gets some help from mentor Elisa
Perry is a confident with the camera as mentor Lisa g looks on

Ernie also gets her props made

Part of the costume for Happy Boy

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