Monday, December 1, 2008

Old Crow - Orientation

Old Crow is 80 miles north of the Arctic Circle in the Yukon. We arrived only after having to stop overnight in Whitehorse, then the next day we stopped in Dawson City and Inuvik to pick up other people and drop others off. It is a fly in community with a population of about 250-300.
We went up first to do an introductory session to meet youth, language experts and members of the community to talk about Our World, and to see how people might like to be involved in creating a short film.
Look at these mountains!
Check out the river!
All prepared for meeting the community!
Hop aboard the Elder's Van!
Producer Catrina and Stan Jr! Nice to meet you!

Amazing moose antlers!

The oldest part of town
Crystal's Grandmother walks toward the newer part of town

Left to right: Lisa Jackson (Filmmaker/Mentor), Crystal, Brandon, Saniz and Stan Jr
Fun kids in the community hall: Robin Vittrekwa and Janelle Schafer
Walking onto the Porcupine River
Sunrise! It doesn't last long
Cat and Lisa are having an incredible time!

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