Saturday, January 31, 2009

Old Massett - Screening

The community screening held at the end of the week was a great success! It was held at Tluu Xaada Naay Long House in Old Masset and was a packed house. Thanks to the grant from Northern Credit Savings Union we were able to hire a contact of Nate’s hired Jack who brought his professional projector, enormous screen and beautiful sound system. Each film was a great hit with the audience. We followed the screening with a Q & A session, where the youth individually talked about where their films. Audience members were also quite animated and we had a few very encouraging and positive remarks from the community. It was a magical evening. We really felt that the youth were delivering something that was not only about their own expression and accomplishment; but that the pieces were real contributions in the Haida language back to their community as well.

We have a wonderful BIG screen !
The audience is friendly and excited
It is a FULL house!
The filmmakers get their much deserved applause
Left to right: Gwaliga, Curtis, Kiefer, Brandon, Tao and Kristy !
The filmmakers answer questions from the audience
Lucille, xaad kil language scholar hands out presents to the filmmakers!
Mentor Catrina, so proud of Kristy!

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