Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old Massett - Production

The first thing Our World had to do was transform the council chambers into a production studio!

This great workshop location is above the gym, in the heart of Old Massett!

Lisa and Catrina lug in the gear!
Kiefer Collison works on his short bold film stating that the community needs to listen to the youth because they are the future and must be heard. His piece was also done primarily in live-action video form. Having trained with Nate, he already had a strong sense of storytelling through images and sound. Kiefer also works with Nate’s production company.

Kiefer has a vision and goes out shooting!
Gwaliga Hart's story is centered around a young boy being transported to a magical world by his Ts'inni's (grandfather) stories where Haida Language and Traditions live strong. It represents nature, animals, language and Haida ways that are disappearing. 
Gwaliga has an ambitious project and discusses the timeline with Nate.  
Brandon gets down to animating his drawing

Brandon's animation station
Tao helps Curtis shoot his scene, mentor Lisa gives camera tips, Kiefer captures b-roll
Curtis dances and Tao records
Tao - expert camera person !
Kiefer gets down !
Kristy goes through and sorts all her photography
Curtis practices the camera

Curtis edits his first bit of footage
Lunch time!

We screen lunchtime movies so everyone gets a break!

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