Friday, March 27, 2009

Hazelton - FULL Production

Over the next few days this crew proves themselves to be one hardworking bunch!
 Everyone has to move full tilt to create their vision.
The workshop is a flurry of activity.
A busy hive of filmmakers
Alex does the final edits on his animation
Catrina helps Jaye polish his film
Spying through  the window - Nishan and Chris are laughing!
Stacey and Elisa focus on the final tweaks which can make all the difference !
Gordon is proud of his story...and he should be!
Jaye listens to his voice in his edit
Jezebel was so quick to learn the programs! (Final Cut and Photoshop)
Marvin is also good with final cut...a totally intuitive editor
Sharon directs her 'Wii-get"
The green screen is set up in the gym on the stage
Lisa helps Sharon get the lighting right
Sharon consults her shot list

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