Sunday, March 29, 2009

Breaking the Cycle

By Gordon Robinson
The filmmaker shares his personal struggle with alcohol.
- Hazelton BC - 2009, 3:13
English Subtitles Gitksan Subtitles

Gitxsan Man

By Marvin Skulsh Jr
The filmmaker creates a homage to his grandfather, Chris Skulsh who was born in Kispiox and had a full life fishing and logging. He was also Chief and a devoted family man.
- Hazelton BC - 2009, 5:18
English Subtitles

It's Never Too Late

By Jezebel Turley
A young mother-to-be changes her unhealthy way of living to give her child the childhood she never had.
- Hazelton BC - 2009, 3:51
English Subtitles

Gitksan Subtitles

Living Off The Land

By Jaye Turley
A youth learns the importance of living off the land in a place called Gitsegas, BC. Through this experience he grows closer to his grandfather and hopes to pass the knowledge along to his child.
- Hazelton BC - 2009,  3:41
English Subtitles

Gitksan Subtitles

My Inspiration!

By Nishan Charnel Hannah Blackwater
A mini documentary about Nishan's father Bill Blackwater and his many roles in the Ksan community: singer, dancer, performer and boxer - not to forget Chief and United Church supporter!
- Hazelton BC - 2009,  5:06

English Subtitles

The Power of Three

By Stacey Harris
A celebration of Community and Family.
- Hazelton BC - 2009, 2:07

English Subtitles

Gitksan Subtitles

Cleansing Of The People

By Alexander Sterling Harris
A stop motion animation to cleanse the spirit.
- Hazelton BC - 2009,  5:42
English Subtitles

Wii-get Trailer

By Sharon Ness
A "trailer" about one of the traditional stories of Wii-get. The filmmaker wanted to try her hand using green screen and After Effects.
- Hazelton BC - 2009, 1:50

English Subtitles

Gitksan Subtitles

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hazelton - screening

The films were screened at the Gitanmaax Tri-town to a lively audience. 
A thoughtful Q & A followed. 

Our World apologizes for having no photos to post at this time. 
If anyone has any please send our way!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hazelton - FULL Production

Over the next few days this crew proves themselves to be one hardworking bunch!
 Everyone has to move full tilt to create their vision.
The workshop is a flurry of activity.
A busy hive of filmmakers
Alex does the final edits on his animation
Catrina helps Jaye polish his film
Spying through  the window - Nishan and Chris are laughing!
Stacey and Elisa focus on the final tweaks which can make all the difference !
Gordon is proud of his story...and he should be!
Jaye listens to his voice in his edit
Jezebel was so quick to learn the programs! (Final Cut and Photoshop)
Marvin is also good with final cut...a totally intuitive editor
Sharon directs her 'Wii-get"
The green screen is set up in the gym on the stage
Lisa helps Sharon get the lighting right
Sharon consults her shot list

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hazelton - Recording & Editing

Recording narration in the Gitksan language is an important part of the pieces, and our participants are keen to do it. Many for the first time.
Jaye records for his story about the importance of Living Off the Land
Audrey (right) helps Jezebel with pronunciation of Gitksan
Jezebel is creating a very powerful piece about changing her unhealthy lifestyle
for her unborn child
Elisa helps Jaye on his editing
Jezebel uses the tablet to create her original artwork
Mentor Lisa g helps Stacey on her edit of The Power of Three -
a story about being a young, single and strong willed mom

Marvin honours his grandfather in Gitxsan Man
Nishan is excited to share her documentary abut her dad
Sharon learns After Effects to create a very cool trailer using green screen !
In the computer lab, Chris and Gordon find images for Gordon's honest account of alchoholism
in his piece  called Breaking the Cycle 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hazelton - Lights, Camera, Action

A beautiful day to have a is cold so we are all happy to be INSIDE looking OUT and creating films!

Alex is a concentrated animator
Alex is creating a powerful piece with a prayer as its centre
Nishan interviews her father for her doc
Alex is cameraperson for the interview
Chris Auchter is on set to help!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hazelton - Getting Started

Our second visit to Hazelton finds us back at the Gitksan Wet'suet'en Education Society 
GWES College!
So excited!

The school out front
The inviting hallways
Even the garbage cans are cool!
The neighbourhood
Even though it is cold - it is a beautiful blue sky

This time filmmaking mentors: Lisa g Nielsen & Catrina Longmuir and animation mentors:  Elisa Chee & Christopher Auchter made the trip to Hazelton.

Hazelton participants Sharon Ness and Marvin Skulsh Jr will create their second film with Our World! 
We also got to meet and start work with Gordon Robinson. Jezebel Turley, Jaye Turley, Nishan Charnel Hannah Blackwater, Stacey Harris and Alexander Sterling Harris.

Jaye gets right down to business
Lisa g and Marvin - reunited!
Alex and Nishan working together learning camera
The beautiful but COLD Skeena River