Friday, October 15, 2010

Old Crow Workshop Days

Here is Catrina (editor/mentor) at the back of the John Tiyza Centre. 
The long row of windows along the bottom of the building is where we conduct the workshops.

 Here is the group of young filmmakers:
Top: Camisha, Brandie, Sarah and Tye
Bottom: Melayna, Caleb, Marlon, Nathaniel and Darcy 

 Elisa holds her animation workshop.

 Joel and Brandon are our translators, they have a very difficult job!

 Brandon helps Sarah record her voice over for her piece Recycling for the Earth

 Nathaniel (left) and Caleb work on their story.
Nathaniel's piece is called I am Gwich'in
Caleb animates his comedy Sliding.
 Brandie out on location for Me and My Best Friends.
 Darcy animates his piece My Favourite Things.

 Marlon works on his epic Gwich'in Fights.

 A trio of editors. 
Melanya (to the left) works on Trapping Muskrats.

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