Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Burnt Village

Directed/Animated/Edited by: Jerrel Nelson
A poetic animation of an old song and story of Jerrel’s Nuxalk ancestors.

Nuxalk Translation: Clyde Tallio & Annie Schooner
Nuxalk Narration: Jerrel Nelson
- Bella Coola BC - 2011, 2:52

English Subtitles

Nuxalk Subtitles

Why I Love My Culture

Directed/Edited by: Francis Sandy
A young girl shares a story of her ancestors and their loss of identity. She shares her efforts to revitalize and celebrate her culture for her generation and beyond.

Nuxalk Translation: Clyde Tallio & Annie Schooner
Nuxalk Narration: Francis Sandy
- Bella Coola BC - 2011, 3:47

English Subtitles

Nuxalk Subtitles

Learning the Thunder Dance

Directed/Animated/Edited by: Sherman Snow
Original Artwork by: Shermann Snow
This film is a reflection on the filmmaker’s relationship to his culture and his love for traditional dance.

Nuxalk Translation: Clyde Tallio & Annie Schooner
Nuxalk Narration: Sherman Snow
- Bella Coola BC - 2011, 3:30

English Subtitles

Nuxalk Subtitles

Smayusta of the Walkus

Directed/Animated/Edited by Clayton (Nan) Walkus
A stop-motion animation created with paper cut outs of a traditional story.

Nuxalk Translation: Clyde Tallio & Annie Schooner
Nuxalk Narration: Clayton (Nan) Walkus
- Bella Coola BC - 2011, 3:26

English Subtitles

Nuxalk Subtitles

Dakelh - Love Song

Directed/Edited/Photography by: Sacho yudi’ai (January) Longe
A short video depicting different Dakelh phrases in a creative way!

Dakelh & Nuxalk Translation: Karen Squinas & Clyde Tallio
Dakelh Narration: Sacho yudi’ai (January) Longe
- Bella Coola BC - 2011, 1:30

English Subtitles

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bella Coola Behind the Scenes

Here is a fun little video showing the behind the scenes of the Bella Coola filmmaking workshops.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bella Coola Screening Day

The next day was a screening specifically for the Acwsalcta School - during their morning assembly

The students loved the films!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bella Coola Screening Night

The community screening was open to everyone in the community! It was free to attend and we had popcorn, cake and drinks! A party!

The audience setting in with drinks and popcorn

The filmmakers: Francis, Jerrel, Clayton, Sherman and January accept the audience's applause.

Clyde introduces the project and the filmmakers

Bella Coola day of screening...

There is always excitement in the filmmaking experience...right down to the very last moment...
Here we are recording in the morning of the screening!

Clyde helps Clayton with his voice over, Lisa monitors the recording.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bella Coola production continues

Animating frame by frame...

Clayton moving one of his characters

Elisa and Jerrel work on animation
Francis and Sherman work on their edits, Catrina is always an encouraging voice

Ernie Hood is our Assistant Mentor and a worksho Vetran

Bella Coola production machine

Everyone involved in their projects.
Painting continues, taking a picture with every few strokes

Catrina Longmuir checks the settings

Francis creates her collages for her story.
Outdoor photo shoot.

Lisa g Nielsen gives tips about Photoshop

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bella Coola translation

Translation is an important and labour intensive part of these workshops...Clyde Tallio works with elder Annie Schooner (Snxakila) every morning to translate 4 stories.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Arrival into Bella Coola

An overcast day in Bella is challenging to land the plane in the valley in these weather conditions...after about 3 circles in the sky... the pilot found a hole in the clouds!
So happy to be here.

No time to waste! Straight to the workshop...Catrina Longmuir and Lisa Jackson have already completed the writing workshops...

Here is Jerrel working on his storyboard:
Elisa Chee works with Jerrel and his archival photographs

Below is Lisa Jackson helping Clayton get his puppets ready for his animation.

Meet Francis who took to Photoshop like a pro!

Sherman works on his painting that will become a stop motion animated portion of his film.