Saturday, December 15, 2012

How Bear Got a Short Tail

Created by: Jaanelle Schafer and Melayna Kyikavichik
A traditional Gwich'in legend told using animated paper puppets.

Gwich'in Translation: Brenda Kaye and Mary Jane Moses
Gwich'in Narration: Jaanelle Schafer and Melayna Kyikavichik
- Old Crow YK - 2012, 3:06

English Subtitles

Gwich'in Subtitles


  1. I never thought that paper puppets would be interesting during this age where animation are done even in 3D. Great use of the props, my favorite part is wherein the sun was in sync with the movements of the fox, as if it was happening on real time.

  2. In this digital age, it is still fun to watch live performances. It does bring out the creativity of the artists and their ability to improvise. It is harder to perform live rather than to record your work. It is not perfect but I still prefer this kind of approach.