Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Old Crow - Day Two

The workshop starts at 9am...so this means it feels a little like midnight since it is still pitch black outside. 
We (the Our World team) walk from the newer part of town to old town along the airstrip and following the moon, which takes about 15 minutes and when we get to the Tyzia Centre...Jessica is already waiting for us...yay!
Then, most of the rest of the students arrive on the bus at about 9:05.
Today is the last day that we have Mary Jane Moses and Brenda Kay so we have them very busy  translating the stories that are ready into Gwich'in. They are both VERY generous with their time.
As always, and as per normal, everyone is in a different stage of their projects:
Jessica gets right to work on creating her flip book animation...this dedicated artist draws all day! 
Sheila has almost all her media: photos, video and text and is ready to record as soon as translation is ready.
Caleb works on his artwork and backgrounds as we solidify his story.
Darcy also works on his backgrounds and characters as his translation is completed.
Jaanelle and Melayna are figuring out style but their story is ready and it also gets translated.
The day goes by FAST!
Luckily, Frances has the grand idea to take a group picture today (before things get really crazy), so here we are:

top: Caleb, Stanley, Mary Jane, Megan, Brenda, Jaanelle, Melayna, Sheila, Darcy, Jessica
bottom: Frances, Lisa J, Lisa g and Tracy
The workshop space

Frances, Lisa J, Jessica and Darcy get to work

Jessica refers to her storyboard to create her flip book animation.

Lisa J and Tracy discuss story style with Jaanelle and Melayna
Sheila and MaryJane discuss Sheila's project
Lisa g and Sheila organize Sheila's media
Darcy getting his scenes ready
Darcy starts to animate!

Brenda helps Sheila with her Gwich'in pronunciation for her recording
Lisa J records Melayna and Jaanelle voice over with Brenda's help
Caleb's animation station

Caleb creating his characters

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