Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Old Crow - Day Three

Full production continues today with the addition of Gwich'in language team: Brandon Kyikavichik and Joel Peter.
Brandon and Joel translate a story
Melayna and Jaanelle create one of  their backgrounds
The Lisa's watch an animated scene just created by Melayna and Jaanelle
Attention to detail makes animation magic
Tracy assists with animation magic
Jaanelle sometimes does beadwork between scenes
Brandon and Lisa J consult with Darcy on story
Lisa J assists Darcy in the art of animation
Lisa g gives Sheila editing tips
Sheila already has a rough edit!
Calebs puppets are very detailed
Nothing better than a buzzing production studio
(Please notice Jessica - top left - STILL drawing)
The mentors enjoy lists to stay on track!

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