Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Massett - day two

We have 9 youth and 5 projects! 

Kendra, Jordan and Danielle - The giggle troup! They are doing an I Love Haida Gwaii piece and plan to all speak Haida ! WOOT WOOT! Harmony Williams (Youth Centre Programmer) takes the team to Tow Hill to take pictures at the beach. Thanks Harmony!

Kendra, Danielle and Jordyn!

Damian is a multi-media artist! He is a songwriter, rapper and very visual - he wrote a rap about staying strong through the teen years that incorporates Haida into it! He will incorporate photography and pixelation.

Elijah is also working on his own and totally keen to animate a traditional tale about when humans turn into the Wild Man.

Elisa looks on as Damian and Elijah write out their stories.

Eli and Dorian went to Dorian's Nani's house to record a story that she always tells Dorian. It is a true story about her father and uncle on a crazy boating trip where her uncle died and her father saved the other fisherman from turning into  a Wild Man.  They will use photoshop to animate the story. Perhaps Nani shall read the story in Haida.

Dorian and Eli become photoshop machines!

Rayne and Edda are working on their own environmental story about humans polluting the water and an imaginary River Spirit who teaches them a lesson. They will have some warning messages in Haida.

Rayne and Edda go through photos.

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