Monday, September 15, 2014

Workshop Day One

The first day of the workshop has grades 7-9 students visit the John Tizya Centre from 11-3 to learn camera, shoot and process their first roll of film! We use the morning to set up our great workshop space among the exhibits. We take a short walk along the river before an orientaion of the project with two adults who will participate: Mary Jane Moses and Vicky Josie! YAY!

Paolo explains the camera to the group

Teacher Ms Sharma shares her class: Grade 7 students, Madison, Candace and Jocelyn and Grade 9 students, Arron and Percilla. We also have a visited participant, Kohn!

It's a beautiful day to take the shooting outside!
Lisa helps Percilla take her first shot

Candace and Percilla shoot along the Porcupine River
Joel Peter is Percilla's uncle and will again help with translation on the project!

Maddy shoots along the main street (notice the Tizya Centre -top right)
Kohn captures a fourwheeler in action!
Paolo teaches about the caffenol film developer: instant coffee, washing soda and vitamin C are the ingredients!

Weighing and measuring the washing soda for the developing liquid

The women's washroom becomes the darkroom

In the very dark bathroom for approx 45 minutes!

The weather couldn't be better. Lucky mentors!

Mary Jane learns about the project

The film dries as Vicky also learns about the Sound We See

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