Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day Off...sort of

We started our day with....PUPPIES! Megan took on the 6am scene of the movie and decided to film her 7 husky pups...this was fun enough but then we ended up being fed moose meat sausages, coffee and toast! Thank you! What a great way to start our day....

THEN Georgie and Mary Jane took us to their camp! A dream come true...Mary Jane made a film about Georgie in 2008. So nice to visit the place she talked about!

Pitch darkness requires a spotlight... capture the PUPPIES!
Of course the puppies loved Megan so it was hard to keep them on eating for the camera!
Delicious fish and caribou stew
The mom husky was definitely hanging around.... 

Aiden films his brother on the couch with furry friends
Logan is up early for his cameo

Mentor Lisa M is considering taking one back to LA
Logan takes his turn on camera

The crew heading to camp up river 
You can see the road that leads to Crow Mountain
This is Caribou Lookout - famous spot for hunting
The approach of the camp
Mary Jane has her camera ready to document her grandson, Desmond at camp

Mary Jane will process the film using cranberries picked from the camp!
Paolo and Lisa M relax
Thanks Georgie for being our Captain!
You really get a sense of the place by taking this trip
Back to Old Crow (You can see the modern Tizya Centre middle right)

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