Sunday, September 14, 2014

Getting Settled

The format for this workshop will be lead by Lisa M and Paolo Davanzo from Echo Park Film Centre in Los Angeles and is titled: The Sound We See: An Old Crow Village Symphony. The concept is to capture 24 hours in a day in Old Crow. Each hour is represented by 1 minute of film ending up with a 24 minute film! And yes, we are using REAL FILM! Echo Park and Our World will be leaving a super 8 camera, a projector, film and processing equipment in Old Crow so the community can continue experimenting with film even after we go home!

The day we arrived we had a casual screening and an introduction to the project. FUN!

The centre of town along the Porcupine River
The first night we hold a movie night and workshop orientation!
Introducing the idea of The Sound We See Old Crow!

Some young members of the community!

Paolo excites some kids to the idea of film

Aiden takes the camera
Keanu practices the camera

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