Saturday, September 27, 2014

Screening Day!

Presenting: The Sound We See: An Old Crow Village Symphony!!!
The great day has arrived. But the festivities don't start until 5pm!
So, the mentors have a nice afternoon walk with Mary Jane first...and then set up at 3pm, dinner at 5:00 - movies shortly the community hall - come one come ALL!

Paolo, Lisa M and Mary Jane...the perfect photo for their album cover?!
A nice walk around the village
The lucky fox in the road - boads well for tonight's screening
It's gorgeous along the river! 

The Tizya Centre from the back

Mary Jane's welcome home!
Thanks for everything Megan! (with Lisa M and Paolo)
Filmmaker, Edward and Lisa
Fun times with Filmmaker, Vicky and her greatest fan!
A great crowd!
Paolo, Ms Sharma and Eleanor (Principal)
We has not one, but TWO poster designs!
Joel and Precilla walk arm-in-arm toward the community hall
Maddie arrives!
Megan lets everyone know the schedule....eating first, watching later
Paolo and Edward listen
Lasagna! Ceasar Salad!
Thanks to Josie for dinner!

FUN table!

FULL house!
Another Fun table!
The girls...
Thanks again to Megan! (with Lisa g-the ham)

Paolo talks about the project 
It was a sweet and funny speech about love and cinema
Lisa M looks on with love!
Full of lasagna and happy to listen and watch (we hope!)

Lisa also talks about the Sound We See: An Old Crow Village Symphony

A fantastic night. Thanks Everyone!

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