Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Workshop Day Eight

Production continues in the best production space EVER...

Edward and Paolo edit!
New Gwich'in language decor in the Tizya Centre!
Lots of laughter happens-that is for sure

Dana comes to talk 'music' with Lisa M
Edward has a new editor mentor: Aidan (and minecraft)
Megan edits!
Megan contemplates sons and puppies... 
Joel is laughing...finding the right word is challenging
The team: since 2008 Brandon and Joel help with translation

Joel Peter
The phrases of the grade 7-9 students
3oclock and still translatin'
A reminder of our view
Aidan and Edward take a break
Still translating!
This means "Thank you"

A view out the other window

Getting closer!

Paolo directs the opening/title animation

Creating the title from rocks and sticks
Adding some action to the title
Can you read: "The Sound We See" ?
More telecine with Paolo and Edward!
Reshoot at 2am with mentor Lisa g

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