Friday, September 19, 2014

Workshop Day Five

Another Amazing Production Day!
8am and already we are welcomed into Stephen Frost's home! 
Stephen captures the morning ritual of tea, coffee and fried caribou meat
Stephen's god-daughter Sophie learns the settings of the Nizo.
At 9am, Sophie captures Stephen cutting dry meat
Sophie learns how to cut dry meat

Sophie cuts dry meat with Stephen
The mirror says "friends"
Lisa M had a great angle
The caribou drying 
At 10 am, Candace learns camera settings from Paolo
Candace honours the all important airport!

Filming is fun!
Inside the airport, Candace films folks getting off the plane.
More developing during the workshop.

Lots of action during the workshop
Dougie looks on as Aaron hangs film to dry
It takes a lot of untangling of the film from the bucket
Lisa M gives editing advice to Jocelyn and Ms Sharma
Candace editing "Up Mountain" and "Airport"

We look out onto the Porcupine River as we work!
Sophie's film turned out amazing!

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