Thursday, September 18, 2014

Workshop Day Four

Since the concept of the finished film is to represent 24 hours in an Old Crow day (each hour represented by one minute) we need to be at the ready at weird hours to film. Today started with a 7am sunrise shoot! We then had the regular daytime workshop with the students continuing their editing. Sophie and Stephen came in at lunch to learn about the project and are on board for breakfast at 8am! Mary Jane came after 3 to develop her film and Vicky came to edit as well. At 6pm we met Madison to do her tour of Old Crow shoot and at 7pm we met Jocelyn to assist her shoot of the baseball diamond and youth centre. We end our day making an 11pm animation with Mary Jane...yes Mary Jane is involved in not one but THREE of the hours of the film- you go girl!

Stephen Frost and friends listen to Lisa Marr talk about the film project
Mary Jane delights in learning the Caffenol Developing process
Sophie looks on as Mary Jane rinses her film
Vicky edits her film
Maddy takes shooting advice from Lisa M
Maddy gets some action shots of kids riding their bikes
Down by the river
Maddy wants to have herself in her film!

Dean does some more shooting at the baseball diamond

Jocelyn shoots some grasses blowing in the wind

Check out the reflection in Candace's glasses

11pm animation magic

Mary Jane makes the puppet wave!
What an incredible and productive day! WOW!

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