Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Workshop Day Three

Day three started with the exciting prospect of watching the film that was shot the night before! The students learn to thread the projector and get a crash course in editing and start the editing process. Their job is to edit 3 minutes down to one minute! After lunch we take a walk for inspiration and then brainstorm locations.
Paolo gets the film reel ready.
Aaron threads the super 8 projector.
 The negative film (from the super 8 projector) and the positive digitized film (from the digital projector) is projected at the same time to understand the telecine process

The walk takes us all to the airport and back
We all get the blood flowing...
...and try to notice things along the way.
Joel Peter comes to brainstorm locations and activities to film with the students.
Mentor Lisa Marr takes notes to figure out scheduling and ideas
Mentor Lisa g teaches final cut

Maddy, Jocelyn, Candace and Percilla take turns with the editing program
Aaron edits with Dana who will contribute music to the film
After our workshop we have a shoot with Kayleen and her Grandmother Mary Jane. Mary Jane makes cranberry jam and Kayleen's friends and brother are employed to eat it on banock for the camera! It's a tough job - but someone has to do it! ;)

Kayleen loads the camera with her entourage
A high angle can see right into the pot!
Kayleen checks camera setting with Lisa M's help
A watched pot of cranberries never boil...
Kayleen's filming ends with a happy group shot - eating and smiling!
Kayleen's brother Desmond takes a shot as well!

The mentors squeeze in a walk about town!
Mary Jane Moses wants to film the Welcome to Old Crow and Vuntut Gwitchin signs at midnight, so we borrow a four wheeler (Thanks Megan!) to use as lighting! 

Mary Jane lines up her shot.
Lisa g drives the four wheeler up to the sign as per Mary Jane's instructions.

Mary Jane wants a drive by of the Old Crow sign!
First time four wheeling, Lisa g is so happy!

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