Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Workshop Day Two

The second day of the workshop was BUSY! First we went up mountain (Old Crow Mountain) with the grade 7-9's to document a cultural trip with the grades 1-3. It was foggy and although we didn't get the view we hoped for the mist was beautiful.
The road up facing town

Percilla, Jocelyn, Candace and Maddy work with Lisa

Maddy films
Cranberries are everywhere!
Aaron captures the kids running around the bus

At 5pm we met with Vicky Josie who wanted to document her life: her smoke house, her dogs and her fish cache. She plans to share this film with her daughter!

Vicky sets up her shot

The skin is hung on the smoke house for the birds to pick clean

Using a tripod Vicky captures herself cutting dry meat
A member of the dog team poses for Vicky

The fish cache is behind the moose antlers!

The fish drying in the cache will feed the dogs

At 8pm we visit the kids at the gym. All the kids take turns with the camera! Desmond takes his shot.

Kayleen gets her turn.

Dean worked with Our World in 2008

At 9pm, Erika captures a street light that signifies the transition from work to home.

 An amazing day - 3 segments shot in one day and one segment on the street was shot yesterday - 20 scenes to go!

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