Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Sound We See: An Old Crow Village Symphony

Created by the community of Old Crow
A conceptual project that represents a 24 hour period in 24 minutes of film during the busy month of September in this remote Yukon village. Each hour is thus represented in one minute.

Gwich'in Translation: Brandon Kyikavichik, Mary Jane Moses, Jane Montgomery and Joel Peter Gwich'in Narration: Aaron Andre, Tyra Benjamin, Jocelyn Gail Benjamin, Percilla Charlie-Tizya, Brandon Kyikavichik, Edward Charles Kyikavichik, Madison Lord, Kayleen Moses, Mary Jane Moses, Joel Peter
- Old Crow YK - 2014, 28:43

English Subtitles 

Gwich'in Subtitles


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