Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Masset - Day Eight

Today was the second to last day of the film workshop and it is the time when small changes and attention to detail make all the difference! Music is selected and edited in. Additional narration is added and superfluous narration is removed. Titles and text are corrected and re-corrected. Title images are created and inserted. It was a flurry of activity.

-Simon completed his film! Wooohooo! He recorded Elijah speaking Haida and did the final nit picky changes and tweaks.

-Anni, Taylor & Zaya continued on their edit and message, added music and made an appointment with Tsinnii Claude for Haida translation and recording tomorrow morning!

-Brannon, Caylene & Hannah chose their story enhancing music, tweaked their credits and title, worked on timing, added sound effects and worked with Colleen Williams for translation and recorded Haida narration! Hawa'a (Thank you) to Carol-Lynn for helping record the Haida.

-Carol-Lynn created more original artwork, edited out some repetitive narration, conducted additional photoshoots and recorded Haida with help from Caylene and Colleen!

All the details make even the best editor a little cross eyed and tired!

Notes and more notes assist in getting the story straight and make the editing process clearer!

Referring to the script helps when inserting the narration!

Seeing your timeline fill with imagery makes your mentor sing!

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