Monday, November 10, 2014

Masset - Day One

Our World is happy to be back in Masset BC on Haida Gwaii!
We are working again with students at George M Dawson High School and today we get to take over the library. Everyone is so helpful...feels good to be here.

We have nine great grade 9 students this year who are able to dedicate their school days to filmmaking for almost 2 full weeks! Today we get to know each other and search for inspiration on what kind of films to create.
Luckily we have some young filmmakers from last year who join our workshop to talk about the filmmaking process and screen their films - Big Thanks to Elijah, Rayne and Edda who joined us to chat.
Also fun, Patrick joins Our World as a mentor who was raised in HG and even welcomed the students in the Haida language and set the stage for language being an integral part of the projects!

Already by the afternoon we had four projects coming together:
1. An animation that has green gummy bears fighting Enbridge to protect Haida Gwaii
2 A documentary about the game of basketball and how it is an integral part of the community here
3. An experimental piece about the the dangers of addiction
4. An opinion piece about the issues surrounding body image and unrealistic expectations set up by media, designers and advertising.

After school we make a quick trip to Old Masset to borrow a computer and monitor.

An extremely productive first day!

*Big thanks to Old Masset Youth Centre, George Dawson and Patrick for sharing filmmaking gear!*

Rayne and Edda talk about their process of filmmaking 
Elijah shares his animation experience
Brannon, Hannah and Caylene look at Patrick's photoshop possibilities
Mentor/Animator Elisa talks with Taylor, Zaya and Ani about their ideas

A trip to the Old Masset Youth Centre after school to borrow some equipment

Opposite the Youth Centre is a view onto McIntyre Bay - magic!

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