Friday, October 23, 2015

Bella Bella - Day 1-2

It is overcast grey and rainy day but Bella Bella smells fresh and alive!

With all our gear moved to the Youth Centre we are excited to meet our incredible hand selected film makers. We jump right in meeting each other, chatting about favourite media, watching previous Our World films and then start brainstorming. Everyone is pretty quick to have a direction and as per usual there is an organic pairing with similar ideas. 

Angelica & Alexa (the A team) are working on a piece designed to give a positive message for folks who may be considering suicide.

Jai wants to make a film talking about bullying.

Astrid and Elle wants to talk to Edlers and children about what is so special about the Heiltsuk culture.

Natalia & Gwen want to make a film celebrating Heiltsuk culture and language

Sawyer wants to make a chase scene in animation…will the location be this cool coastal town?
Astrid and Elle's notes

Natalia and Gwen's notes

On day two we got a little antsy to move around so moved to practice interviewing techniques with sound, framing and interview etiquette.
Alexa works camera, while Jai records sound and asks the questions. Angelica acts as interviewee.

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