Thursday, November 26, 2015

Port Hardy - Day 4

A sparkling frozen morning in Port Hardy.
The workshop ran from 9am to noon today in order to attend a service to celebrate the life of a community member who passed away.

A dust of frost, like sugar on a donut

The building  site for the  NEW Eke Me-Xi school building!

Our workshop digs.

Mentor, Odessa, gives camera tips to Thelma as she interviews her sister Kali and her cousin Shandy.

Thelma as director!
Haley interviews her grandad Paddy with a little help from mentor Sebnem

Bright clear sunshine and cold bite in the air

Alex works on his puppets for his animated scenes

Mentor, Tracy, and Alex find time to joke as they work!

Roberta also recorded her voice over with a little moral support from Kelly and Laura

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