Monday, November 30, 2015

Port Hardy - Premiere Screening

An incredible night, held at the Elder Center. A full house with delicious dinner of pulled pork on bannock, fish soup, salads and crumble for dessert. Thank you Eke Me-Xi caterers!

A big Congrats go out to all the filmmakers!

(Bree-Anna couldn't make the screening due to a hockey game)

The deck and the view of the Elder Center!
Dinner for the filmmakers!
Laura (friend) and Kelly  (filmmaker) pose for the camera while they eat dinner.
Roberta and Bannock, Katie (Haley's Aunt,) Haley, Thelma and Alex.

Anticipation for a great night!
Mentor Lisa g, waxes poetic about the talented filmmakers
Haley listens to the intro speech

Congrats and thank you for working so hard! 
The audience is engrossed

The Q&A
Compliments from the audience
More Q&A!
Elder Mary congratulates the young filmmakers about stories based on culture, their hard work and encourages them to continue!
The Q&A is done ...and now for DESSERT!
Top left to right: Alex, Thelma, Kelly, Tracy, Roberta, Odessa and Haley
Second row: Lisa g & Sebnem
Missing: Jeremy and Bree-Anna

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