Friday, October 28, 2016

Consequences of a Thief

Created by Rachel Hageman, Mackenzie Jones, Hannah MacKay, Niccola Marsden & Heather Martin
An irreverent new employee of the Haida Heritage Centre learns a lesson in cultural respect.

Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii - 2016 - 6:03

Keeping the Legends at Heart

Created by Tasharra Moore, Tyra Parker & Jacey Pollard

A mini-documentary exploring the continued importance of Haida legends in modern times.

Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii - 2016 - 4:36

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Skidegate - Screening Night!

Haawa! Thank you! 
To everyone who came out tonight! 
It was an incredible night...
... if not fraught with technical difficulties - projector at the Heritage Centre wouldn't turn on, so the art teacher from Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay drove back to the school to get their projector and speakers - big Haawa to James Reid! The show must go on!

It was a full house, with families driving all the way from Masset to support the young filmmakers! 
Pizza and juice was served and the films were well received!

The animation Bears and the Berries (created at the Sk'aadgaa Naay Elementary School) played first - both the english version and Haida version!
The documentary, Keep the Legends at Heart!

The end scene of  Consequences of a Thief !

Filmmaker, Heather, and her family - who travelled all the way from Masset!
Chinni, Nanni, Mom, Heather and Dad!

So many parents, friends and family members came out and made the whole night special. 
It was an honour to work with the young filmmakers and we hope to do it all again soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Haida Gwaii - Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School- Day 11

Today was the final day of production before the screening on Thursday!

As usual everyone worked SUPER HARD to reach the finish line!

We started the day viewing each film as it stood and having the fresh eyes from the other teams help solve problems in the storytelling - people mostly commented on clarity of story...
the rest of the day was fine tuning edits - sometimes rearranging scenes, sometimes even adding new material to propel the story forward!


Patrick cues the documentary for viewing with all the 'fresh eyes'

Even though everyone worked in the same room - each team hadn't seen each other's films - an exciting moment!
Jacey, Hannah and Heather are riveted!

Team Coffee worked on reordering some scenes, adding sounds and dialogue, and really going to town adding Sound Effects! 

Rachel and Niccola in the drama room to record footsteps and dialogue and sighing there was no drumming for the film! ;)
When Mackenzie takes a break, Heather and Rachel jump in to make some changes

Team TSB received their Haida translation from SHIP today and recorded their title! They also recorded and added contextual voice over, some more images and fine tuned credits!

2/3 of the team (Tyra and Tasharra) caught editing!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Haida Gwaii - Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School- Day 10

Today, the second to last day of the workshop, both films are in great shape.
The documentary team -working title 'Keeping the Legends at Heart' continued to edit their end credits, finesse sound and record two more interviews. 
The Haida thriller team - added all their new scenes and started to tackle their foley sound, colour and credits!

Tyra working on credits

Mackenzie and Rachel work on editing, while Niccola, Heather and Hannah find sound effects

Jacey and Tasharra record an interview with Trey

After Rachel is tired from editing sound, Mackenzie jumps in to add new credits

Everyone is tired at the end of the day - GREAT job everyone - filmmaking is hard work!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Haida Gwaii - Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School- Day 9

Another long - but fun - day of production!
Selecting and adding the scenes that were filmed on Thursday and Friday night!
Mackenzie 'captures' the ghost on 'green screen' 
The magic of editing!
Patrick shows Mackenzie how to 'key out' the green background and make the ghost appear anywhere in the frame
Suddenly the ghost of Hannah is in a different environment

Taking advantage of the good weather, Tyra and Tasharra film some broll
Tyra films a pan of the beach

Tasharra makes the leaves fall for the camera

Heather and Rachel edit together

Jacey fine tunes the 'story' of the TSB documentary about Traditional Haida Legends

Team Triple Slay Braids at work!

Hannah gets her portrait taken - when her ghost character was alive....
 Team Coffee meet again at the Haida Heritage Centre for the last shoot - from 5:30-7pm, they get their final exterior shots....

A little makeup and laughter

This is a triscuit fuelled film!

Michael Jackson's THRILLER is the soundtrack!

The scene where Niccola's character tries to drive away in her car....

There is always time for a dance move on this shoot!

The ghost is chasing Niccola's character

The doors are locked and the keys are inside the building!

The next scene is running through the trail

The ghost hides in the bushes

The camera is nestled among the trees

Patrick puts on his filmmaking shades while Heather focuses 

The ghost

Checking the main character's POV scene 

The final scene as it starts to rain - PERFECT timing!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Haida Gwaii - Skidegate - Day 8

Another lucky opportunity to visit yet another incredible location on this beautiful island!

Bill Bellis' Wasco carving (a Wasco is a Sea Wolf)

The sun came out!

A sacred cedar tree with some of the bark removed  in a respectful way