Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bella Bella - Day 11 - Screening

It is a beautiful day for a screening!
The screening went incredibly well and due to so many people attending, we showed the films TWICE!
The filmmakers that were in attendance: 
Alexa, Astrid, Bella, Elle, Keyshawn, Latoya, Nadia, Sharon & Trinity
Nate was in Vancouver celebrating his birthday!

Many family members and friends attended, popcorn was served and the films were enjoyed by all!


A celebratory pizza dinner first at the Youth Centre:
Cindy (Youth Centre Programmer), Bella, Elle & Astrid enjoy a laugh!

Cindy welcomes everyone and introduces the project!

Alexa smiles in the background sitting with Astrid

Gwen made a film last year!

Many of the Grade 6/7 class attend and watch their film!

STANDING room only!

A FULL house!

The audience is attentive!

Alexa and Astrid's film

Nadia sits near the front

The 'Next Generation' fills the front row!

The audience loves this part of Nadia's film with a picture of her and Nanny Maggie

Chief Marilyn Slett watches Bella, Nate and Trinity's film about the concern over oil tankers

Sharon and her mom enjoy Sharon's film

A SECOND screening happens because of so many people attending!

Another attentive audience!

Through The Youth Centre windows

Even Queen attends the screening!

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