Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bella Bella - Day 5

Despite drizzle predictions,  the weather today was fantastic!

Red building is the Bella Bella Community School, the field is on the right and Lama Inlet straight ahead!
We were so kindly invited by Tom (the Art Teacher) on a boat trip to see a little bit of the Heiltsuk Territory.
The Heiltsuk continue to protect their territory. Last year there was a celebration about the Declaration of Right and Title, there is a committed and steadfast  'NO' to Enbridge and the Northern Gateway Pipeline, and during the Royal Visit the Great Bear Rainforest was highlighted as an integral part of the territory to continue to protect.
Check out The Heiltsuk Nation for more info.

To be able to see at least part of this vast territory felt like an honour.

Tom's boat is at Martin's Marina is just to the north of town.

Tom at his captain's post
A quick jaunt due eastward (and right in front of Bella Bella proper) is one of the grave islands

Here is the carved pole and protector

Then we 'parked' briefly at the south end of Denny Island to view the totem pole there

At first we didn't see it and then it revealed itself through the salal and trees...

The beautiful face among the branches and sky

A great view of Campbell Island and the Bella Bella village site 
 From here Tom took us to some beautiful locations mostly north and north east of Campbell Island.
We went around Rainbow Island, through Rosco Pass where we saw the petroglyphs and onto Deer Narrows (called  Troup passage on the map) and and had lunch near there.

Tom informed us that the water was quite calm, and this wasn't necessarily usual

The petroglyphs - A red hunter is on the flat rock right beside the shadow
Close-up of ancient artwork

It was breathtaking and magical

The crew: Tom, Stephen and Lisa g

Our lunch spot, where we killed the engine and listened to the quiet

The sea lions and eagles kept watch of us

The lighthouse comes into view as we head back to Bella Bella

Thank you Tom for the tour!

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