Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bella Bella - Day 7

An exhilarating day of production.
A-LOT was done today.

Nadia and Keyshawn capture b-roll of the totem poles around the village.
Nadia practices camera moves to capture another totem pole by the store 

Keyshawn is a master editor
Elle and Latoya interview Russel about the affects of Residential Schools

Astrid and Alexa interview Howie about the importance of culture

Nate works on an animated scene with an oil tanker spill

The filmmakers take a break with a snack in the sun

The Youth Centre film crew

Stephen gives editing advice to Astrid

Bella, Nate and Trinity take it to the school for interviews

Doc team extraordinaire!

An interview with Cecil - Trinity is on sound, Nate asks the questions and Bella is on camera.

Anthony has things to say about the importance of fish

Lacie's first interview location had to change with lunch only 1 minute away....

Lacie's interview continues in the new location 

Alexa and Astrid interview Jan Gladish - principal of BBCS

Astrid captures some stills to use in the film

Keyshawn & Nadia & Danica - after Danica's interview about culture

Elle editing with Latoya
After such a productive day, it was time to breath the air and take a little walk around....

South of the town is a beautiful rocky trail...

We did turn around to be sure to get back into town before nightfall...

Heading back into town, making a right toward the water....

Granney Maggie's Bakery!

Another great day in Bella Bella.

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  1. wonderful photos ... I can imagine you there. thank-you!