Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bella Bella - Day 9

First thing this morning a film crew came to speak to the young filmmakers.
Zoe Hopkins, a filmmaker from Bella Bella (now working out of Toronto) was shooting a scene for her feature film 'Kayaking for Beginners' in the Elder Centre today! She dropped by with two of her actors  (Lorne Cardinal and Sarah Kelly) to talk about her project and answer any questions.

Zoe tells us how her production has gender parity - 13 women and 13 men on her crew! - AND culturally diverse as well!
Her film is inspired by her love of the territory and a kayak trip that a mother and niece took - she is completely loving the process and her crew feels like a family.

Loren introduces himself as being from Sucker Creek Alberta, but many know him from Corner Gas.
He also has us laughing with his funny tips on how, as an extra, if you stay near the star you are bound to be in the film!
Lorne also shared how he had a run in with some barnacles while shooting the first scene of Zoe's film!

Sarah tells us she is from Ottawa and how she is excited to act in her first feature.

Alexa and Astrid interview Rory at the college and he shares his love of culture.

Sharon editing her experimental and expressive film  

Latoya records her voice over while Queenie relaxes outside the Youth Centre

At a quieter location, Elle records her voice over

Latoya redoes her voice over (without beeping backing up trucks and cars driving by)

Trinity is so happy with the opening animation of the film

Bella creates a background for the animation with Trinity

Bella works late and animates an oil spill!

Bella shares her completed animation with her mom, Michelle, and Bella
It is impossible to capture everything that happened today - it was a whirlwind!
Sharon also recorded her brother Dayton singing and playing the drum as well as shooting b-roll with her dog.  Alexa & Astrid also captured their intro in the style of a 'walk and talk'. Bella & Trinity fine tuned their edit from 8 minutes to 5 minutes. Elle stayed late to fine tune her edit. Nadia also fine tuned her edit, added b-roll, added music AND credits!
We are almost more day to go.

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