Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Haida Gwaii - Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School- Day 11

Today was the final day of production before the screening on Thursday!

As usual everyone worked SUPER HARD to reach the finish line!

We started the day viewing each film as it stood and having the fresh eyes from the other teams help solve problems in the storytelling - people mostly commented on clarity of story...
the rest of the day was fine tuning edits - sometimes rearranging scenes, sometimes even adding new material to propel the story forward!


Patrick cues the documentary for viewing with all the 'fresh eyes'

Even though everyone worked in the same room - each team hadn't seen each other's films - an exciting moment!
Jacey, Hannah and Heather are riveted!

Team Coffee worked on reordering some scenes, adding sounds and dialogue, and really going to town adding Sound Effects! 

Rachel and Niccola in the drama room to record footsteps and dialogue and sighing there was no drumming for the film! ;)
When Mackenzie takes a break, Heather and Rachel jump in to make some changes

Team TSB received their Haida translation from SHIP today and recorded their title! They also recorded and added contextual voice over, some more images and fine tuned credits!

2/3 of the team (Tyra and Tasharra) caught editing!

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  1. It is really nice to see a team working with each other with such a good collaboration for one main purpose, I found this post really nice.