Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Haida Gwaii - Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School- Day 4

Today we learned that the Haida meaning of the secondary school name: 
Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay means
House of Precious Children

The meaning of the elementary school name:
Sk'aadgaa Naay means 
House of Learning

Also a little about dialect:
is pronounced
Nan-eye in the south (in Skidegate)
Nan-eee in the North (in Masset)

That is the Haida lesson today.

This morning starts with the TSB team, watching a video made in Old Massett from Our World 2008, getting ideas for their documentary and the COFFEE team is completing their script and starting their shot list!

Tyra and Jacey watch Grounded in Tradition, and they know the star, Morris!

Team COFFEE fine tune their script - always a few new changes!

Jacey and Tyra interview Robert in the foyer of the school - great light!

Team TSB interviews Dawson and Camellia

Xiila talks about her favourite Haida Traditional Story, one that her Dad told her

Capturing B-roll

A student teacher, James plays a song that may be used for credits

Mackenzie films artwork around the school to be used in the credit sequence

Hannah scouts locations and keeps us on track ;)

The view out the window of the school

Mackenzie's favourite framing so far

Tyra starts linking audio and video and Patrick tests the sound equipment with  Jacey 

More testing of sound!

Sound instruction with the whole group

practicing with the boom pole is as awkward as you might imagine

Hannah positions the mic over the speaker's mouth

Holding the mic in place AND monitoring the sound is an important  role in film production, if not the most important!

Makeup testing for the Ghost in the Haida Horror film

At the Haida Heritage Centre for the shoot from 5pm-7pm, here is the first shot!
Hannah is the camera person and Rachel is the director

This is 'magic hour' !

The director communicates with the camera operator

A closeup on the sign

Patrick gives some tips, while the actors: Heather and Niccola wait patiently

Heather and Niccola take direction

The view!


The sound is challenging because the heater is so loud!
Heather portrays a trustworthy employee!

Niccola portrays a disrespectful employee

The crew hard at work!

Patrick shows Hannah a lens for extreme closeups

TODAY was another great day! 

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  1. Today I have also learned something that means a lot to every person that are concern with me. I really like to know about the things that are meant to be logical at the mean time.