Thursday, October 20, 2016

Haida Gwaii - Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School- Day 5

Thursday was the last day this week - Friday is a Pro-D Day -
sooooo we have some work to do!

Everyone has footage to edit, so we all take a look at the editing program Final Cut X. 

Everyone on Team COFFEE gives input on shots and edits. Mackenzie takes control of the computer

Patrick gives tips to Team TSB on favouriting clips to help the editing process

At 10:20am there is an Earthquake and Tsunami drill, so everyone makes their way to the field.

3 years ago there was a serious earthquake here so this drill is important

Classes are grouped by grade this time since the 'alarm' went off during break time

The principal, Devlin, announces that we all have to walk to the top of the hill

Moving to higher ground for a Tsunami is clearly the right choice.
After the drill we have a great view back to the school

Niccola tests eye makeup on Hannah (the ghost)

Jacey is quick to learn the editing program and adds titles and voices to the rough assembly of their documentary

Jacey and Tyra interview Kris about the Stone Ribs Legend (known sometimes as Quartz Ribs)

Takarra is back on the TSB team today (she blocks the light for Kris) since she caught up with her classes.

Tonight from 6-8pm Team Coffee shoot in the Haida Gwaii Museum - Thanks for letting up use this location Scott!
The team has a breakdown of shots so they use their time wisely and make sure they don't miss anything. They also need to be sure not to film any Haida artwork since we don't have the permissions to do so.
We want to be a respectful film crew.
Tonight Heather is the director and Hannah is again working camera

This bear has a cameo in the film

Filming an antique record player - the sound of the record starting by itself will be added in post

We had to wait until the light was just right to shoot this scene in hallway

A reaction shot of Niccola when she hears the sound of the record player

In this scene the main character runs out of the museum doors and into the night!

For the final scene of the night, Niccola finds out she is locked inside the museum

Once again, our professional crew finishes the shoot 5 minutes early. We packup and leave right on time! Thanks again everyone! Good work!


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