Monday, October 24, 2016

Haida Gwaii - Gid Gaalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary School- Day 9

Another long - but fun - day of production!
Selecting and adding the scenes that were filmed on Thursday and Friday night!
Mackenzie 'captures' the ghost on 'green screen' 
The magic of editing!
Patrick shows Mackenzie how to 'key out' the green background and make the ghost appear anywhere in the frame
Suddenly the ghost of Hannah is in a different environment

Taking advantage of the good weather, Tyra and Tasharra film some broll
Tyra films a pan of the beach

Tasharra makes the leaves fall for the camera

Heather and Rachel edit together

Jacey fine tunes the 'story' of the TSB documentary about Traditional Haida Legends

Team Triple Slay Braids at work!

Hannah gets her portrait taken - when her ghost character was alive....
 Team Coffee meet again at the Haida Heritage Centre for the last shoot - from 5:30-7pm, they get their final exterior shots....

A little makeup and laughter

This is a triscuit fuelled film!

Michael Jackson's THRILLER is the soundtrack!

The scene where Niccola's character tries to drive away in her car....

There is always time for a dance move on this shoot!

The ghost is chasing Niccola's character

The doors are locked and the keys are inside the building!

The next scene is running through the trail

The ghost hides in the bushes

The camera is nestled among the trees

Patrick puts on his filmmaking shades while Heather focuses 

The ghost

Checking the main character's POV scene 

The final scene as it starts to rain - PERFECT timing!

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  1. What an amazing documentary. I have been assigned a documentary and this would really help me in making mine. Thank you for the share.