Haida Gwaii BC

Haida Gwaii ("Islands of the People"), also sometimes called the Queen Charlotte Islands, is an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada. 
Haida Gwaii consists of two main islands: Graham Island in the north, and Moresby Island in the south, along with approximately 150 smaller islands.
Old Masset is a Haida village located on the northern coast of Graham Island with the population of approximately 982.
Skidegate is the Haida village located on the south east coast of Graham Island with the population of approximately 709. Queen Charlotte City is where the young people attend High School.

Reasons to brag: Anni Koenig, Taylor Lantin & Zaya Zaleska creators of Body Image won The 2015 Second Prize in the 13-16 age category for the Nelson Youth Film Festival Congrats to the filmmakers!

Consequences of a Thief
Created by Rachel Hageman, Mackenzie Jones, Hannah MacKay, Niccola Marsden & Heather Martin
An irreverent new employee of the Haida Heritage Centre learns a lesson in cultural respect .
-Queen Charlotte, BC - 2016, 6:03 

Keeping the Legends at Heart
Created by Tasharra Moore, Tyra Parker & Jacey Pollard
A mini documentary exploring the continued importance of Haida Legends in modern times.
-Queen Charlotte, BC - 2016, 4:36 

 Body Image
Created by Taylor Lantin, Anni Koenig & Zaya Zaleska
A documentary about self perception.
-Masset, BC - 2014, 4:32 

Created by Simon Smith
A documentary about the importance of basketball in the community of Masset.
-Masset, BC - 2014, 2:50 

What Does the Word "Drugs" Mean to You
Created by Carol-Lynn Roberts
An experimental documentary about addiction.
-Masset, BC - 2014, 3:26  

Created by Brannon Bell, Caylene Bell & Hannah Parnett
Can a gummy bear save Haida Gwaii from Enbridge?
-Masset, BC - 2014, 2:42 


Created by Elijah Washington
A traditional story about the Haida Wild Man.
-Masset, BC - 2013, 2:38 

Being a Teen is Tough
Created by Damian Shaw
The filmmaker shares some challenges of being a teenager...and solutions.
-Masset, BC - 2013, 1:34 
Created by Rayne Boyko and Edda Koenig
Two youth celebrate the Haida language and the beach.
-Masset, BC - 2013, 1:58 
Created by Dorian Williams and Eli Bedard
Dorian's family story, as told by Naani Nora Samuels, about a fateful boating accident.
-Masset, BC - 2013, 2:26 

Created by Kendra Williams, Jordyn Stewart and Danielle Stewart
Three Haida youth celebrate what they love about where they live.
-Masset, BC - 2013, 1:46  


The Lost Raven Finding His Way
Created by Curtis Brown
A touching account of how a “lost raven” rediscovers his roots as a Haida dancer.
-Masset, BC - 2009, 3:52 

Created by Brandon Brown
This stop-motion animation deals with the loss of culture and the resurgence of it through future generations. 
-Masset, BC - 2009, 3:22 

Created by Tao Stocker
A surreal contemplation on change.
-Masset, BC - 2009, 2:24

Grounded in Tradition
Created by Gwaliga Hart

A Haida boy visits his ts’inni (grandfather) and is transported into a magical world of Haida language and tradition. 
-Masset, BC - 2009, 5:19

Created by Keifer Collison

A short bold film stating that the community needs to listen to the youth because they are the future and must be heard.
-Masset, BC - 2009, 2:48

Created by Kristy Bell

A personal and  poetic piece about the struggle to belong.
-Masset, BC - 2009, 3:58

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