Hazelton BC

Hazelton, British Columbia is located North East of Terrace and North West of Smithers along Highway 16 (Highway of Tears) and is home to approx 300 people.
Also known as 'Old Hazelton', it is located on the shore of the Skeena River and where the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers meet just south of town centre is the 'Ksan Historical Village and Museum. 
This area is the home of the Gitxsan people (GitanmaaxGlen Vowell and Kispiox) and the Wet'suwet'en people - (Hagwilget). Gitxsan means People of the River of Mist. 
Our World has visited Hazelton twice.

Reasons to brag: Cody Stephens and Kirsten Stephens-Barnes creator of Our Barn won The 2008 Youth Award for the Regent Park Film Festival! Congrats to Cody and Kirsten!


Cleansing Of The People

By Alexander Sterling Harris

A Stop Motion Animation to cleanse the spirit.
-Hazelton, BC - 2009, 5:42

The Power of Three

By Stacey Harris

A celebration of Community and Family.
-Hazelton, BC - 2009, 2:07

Gitxsan Man

By Marvin Skulsh Jr

The filmmaker creates a homage to his grandfather, Chris Skulsh who was born in Kispiox and had a full life fishing and logging. He was also Chief and a wonderful family man.
-Hazelton, BC - 2009, 5:18

My Inspiration!

By Nishan Charnel Hannah Blackwater

A tribute to Bill Blackwater and his many roles in the Ksan community: singer, dancer, performer and boxer - not to forget Chief and United Church supporter!
-Hazelton, BC - 2009, 5:06

Living Off The Land

By Jaye Turley

A youth learns the importance of of living off the land in a place called Gitsegas, BC. 
-Hazelton, BC - 2009, 3:41

It's Never Too Late

By Jezebel Turle

A young mother-to-be changes up her path of unhealthy ways of living to give her child the childhood she never had.
-Hazelton, BC - 2009, 3:51

Breaking the Cycle

By Gordon Robinson

The filmmaker shares his personal struggle with alcohol.
-Hazelton, BC - 2009, 3:13

By Sharon Ness

A "Trailer" for a "Feature Length" film about a traditional tail of Wii-get. The filmmaker wanted to try her hand using green screen and After Effects.
-Hazelton, BC - 2009, 1:50


The Hiding Place

By Marvin Skulsh

An epic tale about an ancient war between the village of Kispiox and the people of the larger Nass village.
-Hazelton, BC - 2008, 2:35


By Cody Stephens and Kirsten Stephens-Barnes

The personal stories of of how Hockeyville Hazelton is a family tradition.
-Hazelton, BC - 2008, 5:13

A Part of Life

By Sharon Ness

Learning to trust the natural environment through a grandmother.
-Hazelton, BC - 2008, 4:42

The Art of Making Bread

By Jeannette Mowatt
The family tradition that is found in making bread.

-Hazelton, BC - 2008, 2:28

My True Thoughts
By Sherylanne S Hillis
A survivors story of struggle and hope.
-Hazelton, BC - 2008, 2:43

By Michelle Moore
A traditional story about greed, animated using After Effects.
-Hazelton, BC - 2008,3:24

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