Old Crow YK

Old Crow is a small town of about 240 aboriginal people known as the Vuntut Gwitchin.
Old Crow is approximately 80 km north of the Arctic Circle.
Our World has visited Old Crow three times so far - always in the winter!

Reasons to brag: Jessica Smith (Nukon) creator of Direct Wind won The 2013 MITY Youth Award for the Dawson City International Short Film Festival ! Congrats to Jessica!

Created by the community of Old Crow

 A Day in the Life of Old Crow Yukon. Each minute represents one hour of real time filmming. Shot in Super 8 by the community of Old Crow. Words spoken in Gwich'in - language of the Vuntut Gwithcin people.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2014, 28:43


Created by Jaanelle Schafer and Melayna Kyikavichik 

A traditional Gwich'in Legend told using animated paper puppets.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2012, 3:06

Created by Sheila Kyikavichik

A mini-documentary about Ellie, a young, soon to be, cultural leader.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2012, 2:32

Created by Jessica Nukon

A lyrical, classically animated depiction of love.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2012, 1:47

Created by Darcy Andre

An animated traditional Gwich'in legend.

- Old Crow Yukon - 2012, 1:58

Created by Caleb Charlie

The well loved traditional Gwich'in Legend comes to life in animated form.

- Old Crow Yukon - 2012, 2:09


Caribou, Our Livelihood
Written, directed and created by Mary Jane Moses

A celebration of caribou and an explanation of their importance for the Vuntut Gwitchin people.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 6:08

By Chelsea Charlie

This film is about Gwich'in people and their beadwork. A youth speaks about her experience and the culture of beadwork.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 2:15

Film by Melayna Kyikavichik

'Trapping Muskrats' gives guidance on how to trap dzan (muskrats), skin and stretch the furs, and all the items you can make with the furs.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 2:03

By Nathaniel Schafer

I am a Gwich'in explains what Gwich'in males do for a Gwich'in living.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 1:41

Made by Camisha Charlie

A video recipe to show how to make pemmican.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 2:07

Created by Caleb Charlie

A boy is bored and decides to go sliding.  What could possibly go wrong?
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 1:34

Created by Brandie Vittrekwa

Three best friends hanging out together in Old Crow, Yukon. A day of laughing, chatting and having fun!
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 3:36

Directed by Marlon Abel Kendi

Gwich'in Fights is a story about hunters going out on the land to go get caribou for their people. When they return home something happens....
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 2:55

Directed by Sarah Learn

An informative video on how and what to recycle. Encouraging people to recycle and help the Earth.
-Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 2:23

Directed by Darcy Andre Josie

My favorite things in Old Crow, Yukon is to drive around on ski-doo, hunt and play video games. Hope you enjoy my favorite activities.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 1:37

Directed by Tye Kassi

A fun trip to Crow Flat by skidoo. 
- Old Crow Yukon - 2010, 1:39


Created by Mary Jane Moses

An homage to the filmmaker's husband and his decision to the traditional Gwich'in way of life.
- Old Crow Yukon - 2008, 5:03

Created by Joel Peter

Memories and techniques of traditional Gwich'in trapping methods..
- Old Crow Yukon - 2008, 3:34

Directed by Stanley Njootli Jr

Father and son practice the Gwich'in language. 
- Old Crow Yukon - 2008, 0:50

Directed by Brandon Kyikavichik

A traditional way to trap caribou. 
- Old Crow Yukon - 2008, 2:23

Created by Mackenzie Good Eagle

An animation teaching the numbers in the Blackfoot language. 
- Old Crow Yukon - 2008, 3:43


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