Port Hardy BC

Port Hardy is located at the northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia and is as far north as you can drive. The Tsulquate reserve is home to both the Gwa'Sala and 'Nakwaxda'XW people who were relocated by Indian Affairs in 1964 from their homes in Smith Inlet and Seymour Inlet. Our World film mentors created films with the community in 2011 and 2013 around the themes of  Kwakwaka'wakw language and culture but March 2014 was the first official Our World workshop! 

Reasons to brag: 
During the 2015 Cowichan Aboriginal Festival of Film & Art gave out these awards:
Kelly Anderson creator of Relocation won Best Documentary ! Congrats to Kelly!
Mariah Walkus creator of Language won Culture & Heritage Award ! Congrats to Mariah!
Stephen George creator of How We Sea won Culture & Heritage Award ! Congrats to Stephen!
Roberta Williams creator of It's Up to You won Research Award ! Congrats to Roberta!
Alex Heuman creator of One of Granny Lil's Amazing Stories won Best Animation ! Congrats to Alex!
Ricky Johnny creator of Fun won Animation Award ! Congrats to Ricky!
Michael Regnier creator of Pick a Path won Best Scripting ! Congrats to Michael!

During the 2015 Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth gave out these awards:
Kelly Anderson creator of Relocation won The Editing Award ! Congrats to Kelly!
Roberta Williams creator of It's Up to You won The Jury Recognition Award ! Congrats to Roberta!
Alex Heuman creator of One of Granny Lil's Amazing Stories won The Jury Special Mention Award ! Congrats to Alex!

Alex Heuman creator of One of Granny Lil's Amazing Stories won  The 2015 First Prize in the 13-16 age category for the Nelson Youth Film Festival Congrats to Alex!


'Yaxgan 'Nuyam
Created by Roberta Williams
A min-doc about the Potlatch Ban of 1884-1950.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2015, 4:23 

Wuh Tlah Mus?
Created by Bree-Anna Henderson & Haley Scow
Two filmmakers interview their Grandfathers to find out what going to St. Michael's Residential School (In Alert Bay) was like.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2015, 6:31 

The Survivor
Created by Alex Heuman
A son's exploration into his father's experience at residential school.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2015, 5:15 

Ixantsila Ceremony (Coming of Age)
Created by Thelma Robertson-George
A mini-doc about the “Nakwaxda’xw Coming of Age Ceremony.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2015, 1:42 

Created by Jeremy Wamiss
A meditation on carving.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2015, 1:42 

Keeping Our Culture Alive
Created by Kelly Anderson
A remote water side reserve has hope for a Big House to be built. 
-Port Hardy, BC - 2015, 4:08 


It's Up to You
Created by Roberta Williams
A young dancer interviews her grandmother.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2014, 4:43 
Created by Mariah Walkus
An interview with a grandmother explores language.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2014, 3:07 

Pick a Path
Created by Michael Regnier & Clifford Roper
Inspired by the video game meme of "choosing your own adventure".
-Port Hardy, BC - 2014, 1:53  

One of Granny Lil's Amazing Stories
Created by Alex Heuman
A suspenseful tale with a surprise ending.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2014, 1:45 

Created by Kelly Anderson
In her own words, this filmmaker talks about what happened to her people in 1964.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2014, 4:06 

Created by Stephen George
An abstracted look at the indigenous fishing culture.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2014, 3:17 

Created by Ricky Johnny
The lighter side of the historical past.
-Port Hardy, BC - 2014, 2:25 

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